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A Message of Welcome
to the German Culture Week in Shanghai

I am very pleased that the Grand Theatre in Shanghai is planning a German Culture Week from 1 to 14 May 2005. This event will present a cross-section of musical styles and German orchestral traditions.

For two weeks, four German ensembles will be offering a broad spectrum of German and European music, extending from Baroque to 20th-century jazz. And Fritz Lang's classic “Metropolis”, a milestone in the history of film, adds a cinematic dimension to the festival. The German Culture Week in Shanghai offers an excellent opportunity to gain an impression of Germany's multi-faceted cultural tradition.

I would be delighted if the German Culture Week in Shanghai provided new momentum for increased cultural exchange between Germany and China. To the organizers, I extend my best wishes for a very successful event, and to the guests, my best wishes for an exciting musical and cultural experience.

Gerhard Schröder
German Chancellor


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