About the organizer  

Welcome to the German Culture Week in Shanghai !

 Zuhui Mao,
 General Manager SinaLingua

I am glad you are interested in one of the most exciting cultural events that is taking shape in the fast developing urban culture of China‘s most fascinating city - Shanghai.
How German culture is received in China is frequently based upon a common misunderstanding. What does a Chinese imagine when he thinks of Germany? Cars, soccer and beer.

The aim of the German Culture Week in Shanghai is to show that there is more to Germany than that and present the variety and richness of German culture to a wide Chinese audience.

We are proud to have Shanghai‘s two main concert halls supporting us.

The German Culture Week may include everything from classical to modern music, from art and photo exhibitions on Germany or by German artists to open-air events with German products and cultural institutions, from car shows to rock concerts.

These events, by the way, provide an ideal platform for German companies and institutions to present themselves and their products in their own way.

I am convinced that the German Culture Week will play an important role for the promotion and understanding of German culture in China. By making German cultural highlights accessible to a large Chinese public it will deepen the relationship and mutual understanding between China and Germany.

Zuhui Mao, General Manager SinaLingua


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